- How -

How to find investors with unlimited resources, doesn't question your business plan, cares little about ROI, and the only limiting factor is yourself ?

We found our investors in the open sourse community.

Hardware is affordable plentiful in the used market but the same is not true for softwares. With limited starting capital, open source software became the defacto choice for TheCuriousPenguin.com.

Debian GNU/Linux forms the operating system backbone. Web applications are developed using Ruby on Rails framework along with PostgreSQL for database server. All the image processings are done using GIMP and Inkscape. Word processing and spreadsheets as well as process flow charts are created using Libre Office.

Asterisk PBX is being used to setup traditional office PBX as well as VOIP application for telecommuting. Incoming Fax will be handled by Hylafax that prints, and archieves.

Currently the accounting data is kept using Libre Office but as time progresses and skill permits, backoffice applications will migrated onto a existing opensource accounting solution.

Our Open Source Tool Kit
Apache HTTP Server Project[ACTIVE]
The most popular HTTP server in use, and power our website with the Phusion Passenger module.
Debian GNU/Linux[ACTIVE]
Debian is our OS of choice. It is one of the best pure community based Linux OS with proven reliability. Our servers runs exclusively on the stable release while the laptops and workstations running the gamut from stable, to testing, to sid.
Firebug is the debugging tool we use for developing our website. It runs within IceWeasel.
FreeCAD is the 3d parametric CAD program we use to turn design in our heads into actual 3d models that can be modified and exported.
Gedit is the default text editor of Gnome. We use it to write codes for rails application to machine G-codes for our cnc machining centers.
GIMP GNU Image Manipulation Program[ACTIVE]
The free and open source alternative to Photoshop. All the images on this website were modified using GIMP. From the typical cropping, resizing, and color adjustment through curves, GIMP does it all.
Git is what we use for version control. Each working direction is its own repository with complete change history.
GNOME is the gui desktop environment we use for our Debian workstations.
GNU Projects[ACTIVE]
The grunt of the open source movement. Seldom mentioned, hardly famous, yet forms the indispensable building blocks of the open source community.
Iceweasel is the modified version for the wildly popular Firefox web browser and is how we interface with our rails app.
And the only way to escape from monopoly is to escape from proprietary software, and that is what the free software movement is all about. . . . Richard Stallman, wikiquotes.com